7 tips to create backlinks to your website

7 tips to create backlinks to your website

The two main ranking factors are: backlinks and content.
Basically, if you want better rankings, you need better content and more backlinks.

Building backlinks can be difficult when your website is new because no one knows you exist. To get things done, you need to start introducing your site to people with useful and relevant information that they want to link to.

1 – Start with great content

Before you can start executing the strategies detailed in this article, you need to start generating content.

You are looking for quality, engaging and authoritative content. You need to excite people and motivate them to share your content through a link. Wrong content with little value will be ignored.

It is important to ensure that your content is clear, easy to read and well formatted.

Using bullet points, quotes, tables, charts, and infographics can help convey a wealth of useful information in an digestible way.

Creating dynamic content is the first step. Once you’ve built a decent collection, you can start looking for backlinks.

2 – Ask people you know

At the beginning of your backlink research journey, you will have very little influence and it will be difficult to find links.

So start by asking business partners, friends with established websites, and other connected acquaintances who can say if they’ll link to some of your content.

Send them links to content you’ve created that’s relevant to what they do in some way.

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